A La Carte (9/14)

It’s a good thing that I’m a morning person, or this 6:30 meeting would be downright painful. Ah, the things we do to serve our churches.

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The Secret of Rhonda’s Success – As I was writing a review of Rhonda Byrne’s new book The Power (check back shortly for that review) I came across this rather interesting article from 2008. “Could the universe be restoring the balance against Rhonda Byrne, the former Melbourne TV producer behind the self-help phenomenon of The Secret? Richard Guilliatt investigates.” It seems that it has taken a little bit more than the law of attraction to make Rhonda rich.

Visual Latin – I learned Latin back in high school and still rely on it more often that I would have imagined. I was glad to see this new series of videos from Compass Cinema which looks like a great way of learning the language. (Use the coupon code TIMCHALLIES and you’ll get a 25% discount on your order of these videos or Modern Parables).

Mac Freeware – Here’s a roundup of some great Mac freeware for the Apple users among us. Sorry Windows people–you can only look at it and long for it all.

On the VMA’s – Walt Mueller penned some good thoughts about the recent VMA’s and their value in understanding contemporary youth culture. I don’t agree with all he says, but still found much of it useful. (HT:Z)

Ministry Advice – Peter Scholl: “I think one of the best pieces of advice I received as I began to get involved in Christian ministry was this: ‘Make sure you are involved in some ministry outside your own patch.'(By ‘patch’, my advisor meant my normal sphere of ministry—be it my neighbourhood / campus / school / workplace … whatever. In my case, my patch was my local parish, and the outside ministry I got involved in was teaching Moore College ThC courses to pastors in Kenya.)” Read why he feels this is important.

We cannot be changed by altering a few of our bad habits. Reformation will not do, for the disease of sin has captured our very life system. We need regeneration, a new heart. –Will Metzer