A La Carte (9/18)

Thinking Biblically about the Banking Crisis
JT interviews David Kotter about the banking crisis.

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A Temporizing Baa-Lamb
Doug Wilson responds to the article I linked to yesterday in Pulpit Magazine (the article dealing with sarcasm and harsh language).

Arctic Sea Ice-Melt Season Ends
“We have news from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). They say: The melt is over. And we’ve added 9.4% ice coverage from this time last year. Though it appears NSIDC is attempting to downplay this in their web page announcement today, one can safely say that despite irrational predictions seen earlier this year, we didn’t reach an “ice free north pole” nor a new record low for sea ice extent.”

Put a Stop to Large Families
Al Mohler writes about two people who are saying that the world’s crises can be averted by limiting family size. He responds frankly: “Speaking as delicately as those words allow, that argument is stunningly stupid. If food was in abundance, would the duke argue that people are too few? How does he arrive at the “right” number of people?”

Tony Jones on Barack Obama
Tony Jones (a Barack Obama supporter) discusses a conference call with some of the religious outreach staffers from the Obama campaign.