A La Carte (9/20)

It’s generally not difficult to tell when I haven’t spent a lot of time online over the course of a weekend–the Monday morning A La Carte tends to be a little bit on the skimpy side. And I guess that must have been the case this weekend. Good for me. Nevertheless, here are a few things of interest:

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Can Christians Practice Yoga? – Al Mohler: “Some questions we ask today would simply baffle our ancestors. When Christians ask whether believers should practice yoga, they are asking a question that betrays the strangeness of our current cultural moment — a time in which yoga seems almost mainstream in America.”

The Facts about Calories – Your infographic du jour (I have a soft spot for infographics).

Why I Am a Christian – John Stott’s classic Why I Am a Christian is on sale at ChristianAudio.

Alice Cooper on Marriage – This is really an interesting video. Skip over the first few seconds (which are in Finnish or something) and listen to Cooper talk about how a man should love his wife.

When God’s hand is on thy back, let thy hand be on thy mouth, for though the affliction be sharp it shall be but short. —Thomas Brooks