A La Carte (9/27)

I was out of town for most of the weekend, away on the elder retreat I mentioned last week. When I returned I had hundreds and hundreds of blog posts all queued up in my RSS reader. I hit the “Mark All As Read” button. I just didn’t have time to read through hundreds of posts this morning (or to skim through them, for that). However, I did have a few things bookmarked that I wanted to share with you. A La Carte should go back to normal tomorrow.

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Piper Quotes – This blogger has compiled a list of good Piper quotes. A couple of favorites: “. . . But that’s another sermon. And it’s really good, really precious. I haven’t written it yet …” and ” I don’t know about you, but I was really helped by my sermon last week.”

Shepherd Press Conference – There are a lot of conferences coming up this weekend. One that looks good is the Shepherd Press Authors conference. The theme is “Rejuvenating the Gospel in your Marriage and Family! 7 Shepherd Press Authors offer biblical wisdom that has the power to transform your marriage.” If you’re in the vicinity of Harrisburg, PA you’ll want to check it out.

FIve Ways to Change Your Ways – I enjoyed this series on the Competent Counseling blog. He offers a series of contexts or relationships and suggests five biblical ways of change.

iPhone: A Blind User’s Review – The Atlantic has a fascinating review of the iPhone written by a person who is blind. He says things like this: “I have seen a lot of technology for the blind, and I can safely say that the iPhone represents the most revolutionary thing to happen to the blind for at least the last ten years.” It’s fascinating to read about how the phone allowed him to “see.” (HT:JT)

That God normally operates the universe consistently makes science possible; that he does not always do so ought to keep science humble. –D.A. Carson