A La Carte (April 12)

Good morning from [groggily checks Google Maps] Brisbane, Australia, where I’m connecting on to the Pacific Islands. This trip has been good so far and is now past the halfway point. Westminster Books is doing some spring cleaning and that has resulted in some good deals. Today’s Kindle deals include a solid commentary on Romans. A Constant Dying “What do I mean? Dying for Christ takes a moment of extreme courage and resolve from the hand of God, but living for Christ requires a sustained courage that beats back the devil and the flesh daily. It’s a constant dying.” What Is a Man? What Is a Woman? How Our Laws Should Define Male and Female Justin Taylor is always the master at finding interesting material and helpfully summarizing it. What does a true theologian look like? What does a true theologian look like? Ligon Duncan gets an assist in defining it. If Jesus Were Still Dead… This is a simple but effective thought experiment. 3 Things You Should Know about John’s Gospel “When we come to the gospel according to John, it is immediately apparent that, although it deals with the same subject matter, it has a distinctive angle. Instead of providing a synopsis of Christ’s life and work, it provides a selective overview highlighting the defining elements of who Jesus is and what sets Him apart as the only One who can rightly be acknowledged as ‘the Christ.’” Christian fantasy after Tolkien: a Top 10 There is no one quite like Tolkien. But if … Continue reading A La Carte (April 12)