A La Carte (April 25)

Blessings to you today. We once again have a good number of Kindle deals to look through. Yesterday on the blog: Ask Me Anything (Habitual Sin, Women Taking the Initiative, Drag Shows, Escaping Laziness) How J. K. Rowling Played, then Lost, the Polarization Game Samuel James: “Rowling, more so than almost any other author, leveraged the expressive individualism intrinsic to the social media age to craft, and sell, a narrative about herself and her stories. In an age in which activists will cancel and decry pop culture artifacts for being insufficiently political, Rowling’s history illustrates the danger of pandering to this phenomenon and the way both art and political discourse suffer accordingly.” God Wants Us to Serve the Undeserving Dave tries to address a common misunderstanding among Christians: That “while the Bible teaches that we are to serve and help the weak and poor, we should only serve and help those who deserve it.” Join John MacArthur, Costi Hinn, Aubrey Sequeira, and Others @ TRC23 *EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT ENDS APRIL 3OTH* CLEAR GOSPEL. TRUE GOSPEL. Clear Gospel Proclamation is Necessary for True Gospel Understanding. June 28-29, 2023 @ Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. (Sponsored Link) When I Was Losing My Marriage, Jesus Taught Me to Forgive “Seven months pregnant with our second son, I sat at the desk in our living room, devastated by the letter I had just read. My husband didn’t want to be married anymore.” Sheila Dougal tells how she learned to forgive, even in such a difficult circumstance. Caring for … Continue reading A La Carte (April 25)