A La Carte (April 26)

If you’re in the market for some kids’ books, be sure to take a look at this sale at Westminster Books. End of the Global South? Updating the State of World Missions “What we are witnessing today through the work of globe-trotting researchers and travel-worn academics is the glorious drama of God’s unfolding worldwide redemption. The Spirit is blowing where he pleases, the kingdoms of the world are continuing to enter the kingdom of the Lord from the east and the west, the north and the south, and the nations are singing the praises of God.” This is a long but valuable read. GAFCON IV: Lessons from a Communion in Birth Pains And in perhaps a similar vein, here’s another encouraging report from the Anglican world. “Caste and Church Growth Assessment” by Aubrey M. Sequeira Come to TRC23 to hear Aubrey on “Emptying the Cross of Its Power: Honor/Shame and the Gospel of Christ.” While honor/shame concepts can be helpful for cross-cultural workers to know, it remains the handmaiden to the doctrines that Scripture sets forth for all cultures and times. (Sponsored Link) Stop calling faithfulness a sacrifice “We need to stop calling obedience and faithfulness to the commands of Christ ‘sacrifice’. There, I said it. It is not sacrifice to do what Jesus asks us to do. Full stop.” It’s probably worth hearing him out. 7 Biblical Truths Countering the False Gospel of “Emotional Health & Wealth” Bob Kellemen: “Today’s post is not about the false health & wealth gospel. Everyone posts against that. … Continue reading A La Carte (April 26)