A La Carte (August 30)

Blessings to you on this fine day. (Yesterday on the blog: When God’s Blessings Flow) Hey Christian, Don’t “Quiet Quit” your Faith Have you been hearing the term “quiet quitting” as much as I have lately? Here the term is applied to the Christian faith. “Quiet quitting the Christian life is the third soil that Jesus speaks of: those who bear no fruit because of the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desire for other things. Or as we might put it today ‘everyday life’.” Can I Be Angry with God and Be Holy? I’m very much with John Piper on this one. How the 5 Solas Do More Than Respond to Catholicism Michael Kruger: “Some misunderstand the 5 Solas as merely a response to Roman Catholicism and nothing more. In other words, they are viewed as a time-bound, historically conditioned set of affirmations that are largely applicable to a era that is long gone. It is precisely here that I want to offer a bit of pushback.” Evangelical and LGBT+ Ally Joe Carter shows how some terms so contradict one another that they can’t both be claimed by the same person. Playing Home You may identify with Glenna here. “There is something carved into the deepest layer of who I am that longs for a life that’s realer than this. That lasts longer. That means more, that hurts less.” Television’s boundary-smashing pioneer turns 100 Al Mohler: “Norman Lear reached his 100th birthday this week, happily surrounded by his large family. … Continue reading A La Carte (August 30)