A La Carte (February 23)

After a successful couple of days in Sydney, I’ve just hopped across to New Zealand where I anticipate a few days of searching high and low for Christian history.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Epic Extra: Ask Me Anything Ireland)

Three Lessons From the Extraordinary Life of Billy Graham

This is a fascinating article on Billy Graham by Steve Lawson. Read it!

He Never Wore Skinny Jeans

“Graham knew he was 76 years old, and didn’t pretend otherwise. He didn’t rely on tricks or gimmicks. He spoke with an authority that came from decades of faithfulness and from a simple focus on Christ, not to mention that the fact that he’d fought his way from a hospital bed to plead with souls to do business with Jesus.”

What Every Christian Must Affirm About the Universe’s Origins (Video)

Albert Mohler talks about what things must be affirmed by every Christian when it comes to the origins of the universe.

Vocation in Retirement

Gene Edward Veith writes, “When I retired after more than four decades of college teaching and administrating, I expected certain people to give me a hard time. ‘So, the author of three books on vocation is retiring,’ I could imagine them saying. ‘I thought you said work is a calling from God. Unless God canceled His call, how can you retire?’ Actually, my friends have been supportive and haven’t thrown this in my face. But I have had to ask myself that question. Surprisingly, my retirement has brought me to a deeper sense of vocation.”

The Trans Teen Industrial Complex

This one from Rod Dreher is well worth reading.

J.A. Medders and Home Row

Here is an episode of Home Row where I talk to J.A. Medders about reading less, writing more, and of course, coffee.

A 5-Minute Theology of Periods

Yes, that kind of period. I think the best value in the article, though, is the part that discusses Leviticus and shows how those Levitical laws were not misogynist.

Flashback: Use Your Catechism, Silly

Part of the joy of being Reformed is entering in to an existing, defined stream of theology. This gives us access to a thorough reference library that answers many questions and clarifies many conundrums.

Dear doubting Christian: When Abraham counted the stars, he was counting you. —Burk Parsons