A La Carte (February 6)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you. (Yesterday on the blog: A Prayer for Times of Controversy) What Are Theologians For? The Case of Karl Barth’s Adultery “‘It’s a shame he was an adulterous and unfaithful husband, but he sure was a great theologian and a gift to the church.’ Is this sentence intelligible? Might it be regarded as capturing the complex reality of indwelling and ongoing sin for theologians, or is it simply oxymoronic?” The most precious and painful thing I will ever write It is so encouraging and challenging to read an obituary of a very good life. ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ads Part of Billion-Dollar Campaign What’s the “He Gets Us” campaign all about? And who’s funding it? CT explains. An Open Letter to the Prayerless Church Paul Miller: “In our prayer seminar, we ask several confidential questions about a participant’s prayer life. After doing hundreds of seminars, we have found that about 85% of Christians in a typical church do not have much of a prayer life. Praying communities are, perhaps, even more rare.” What is Good (and Bad) about Transparency “The rise of reality TV and then social media has radically increased transparency. Team Transparency has rallied around #nofilter selfies and sharing even the frustrating and discouraging parts of life. Team Self-Respect has rallied around calls for decency and the need for some last bastion of privacy.” Scarcity and the Goodness of God “Once we grab a taste of joy and pleasure we’re tempted to cram ourselves full– whether … Continue reading A La Carte (February 6)