A La Carte (February 7)

Blessings to you today, my friends. (Yesterday on the blog: Tell Your Anxieties To Ask Permission) Shepherds Feed the Sheep Jared Wilson: “Many of these churches – philosophically – operate more like parachurches. And the result is this: it is the sheep, the very lambs of God, who basically become the outsiders. And so you will have leading practitioners of these churches saying things to believers like, ‘Church isn’t for you.’ For example…” Unshockable Parenting “What will you do when your 17-year-old tells you that his girlfriend, the one you counseled him not to date because she is not a Christian, is pregnant? How will you react when you find out from another parent that for the past six months, your daughter has been going by a different name and using the boys’ restroom at her middle school? What will be going through your head when your teen proudly displays her new tattoo or eyebrow piercing at church?” Do Humans Have Free Will? The Answer (Of Course) Is: It Depends! Justin Taylor answers a good question. And, like so many questions, it really depends on what you’re actually asking. The Devil is Blinding You to Glory “Have you ever felt cold towards the gospel? Have you heard that Christ died for your sins and was raised from the dead and just felt blah. If that is you, because I know it has been me at times, then I want to alert you to something. This is more than just unfortunate; this is war. And this … Continue reading A La Carte (February 7)