A La Carte (February 9)

The God of love and peace be with you today. Logos users will find a flash sale on the excellent NSBT series. (Yesterday on the blog: More Random, Granular Tips for Bloggers) The Case for Pew Bibles This is such a good article about pew Bibles. “We must ask: in this post-COVID, post-modern, post-literate, technological, consumer society, do pew Bibles matter? Does the connection between the Word and the form of accessing the Word matter? Is something lost when we depend on digital media for our Scripture consumption? Is projecting the Scripture passage onto the screen adequate for whole-person and whole-church discipleship and mission, or can a case be made that pew Bibles are an essential part of making God’s Word accessible for all?” Hannah’s Funeral Seth shares a sweet article about the loss of his pre-born child 16 years ago. The Deathwork of Devilish Dance: What a Grammy Performance Reveals about Secular Thought “Here are three assumptions underlying the performance of the song ‘Unholy.’ Knowing these three things won’t make you appreciate the performance by any stretch, but it may help you understand why the artists did what they did and where you stand in relation to it. At the end of the article, I’ll suggest how Christians might respond constructively.” Ten Things I Have Learned About Conflict Cory Ishida: “When the pandemic began in 2020, I was concerned about my grandchildren’s spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being because they were sequestered at home. I felt led by the Lord to write daily devotionals for … Continue reading A La Carte (February 9)