A La Carte (January 10)

Blessings to you today, my friends. Today’s Kindle deals including some highly-regarded historical books, among them Philbrick’s excellent Mayflower. (Yesterday on the blog: I Want Him Back (But Not The Old Me Back)) Not Like Any Other Book Mitch Chase helpfully reminds us that the Bible is not like any other book. “The Bible is not like any other book, so it must not be interpreted just like any other book. There are Christian convictions—or assumptions—about Scripture which uphold not only the task of biblical theology but also the importance of studying Scripture at all.” Our Dads Are All Dying. So What Are We Learning From It? Stephen realizes he has reached the stage of life in which everyone’s dads are dying. He wonders what they are learning from it all. A Dust-up among the Historians Kevin DeYoung: “To many outsiders, the field of history probably looks like a straightforward endeavor. Historians teach us about the people, the events, and the ideas of the past. Sounds simple, but once you start studying the past, you realize there is no one agreed upon way to do history. In the last several years, this perennial difficulty has become especially pronounced within the guild of evangelical historians, ‘evangelicals’ broadly understood.” What is typology? How can we use it responsibly in Bible study? Sinclair Ferguson discusses biblical typology in this brief but clarifying video. A Forgotten Fact about the Earliest Christian Movement Michael Kruger considers a forgotten fact about the earliest Christian movement—that they were people who traveled extensively. … Continue reading A La Carte (January 10)