A La Carte (January 11)

We have entered into a stretch in which we aren’t seeing a lot of great Kindle deals. But I’ll keep searching and hope to find some more soon. (Note: if you like general market books, you’ll find a list of popular 2022 releases on sale.) Fickle Gods and the Wondrous Clarity of the Law This is so good. “We tend to chafe at the sheer number of laws given to the people of Israel, viewing things primary through our new covenant perspective where so many of these laws have now been fulfilled in Christ. And yet a primary response of the ancient Israelites to these laws would not have been a sense of burden. It would have been a sense of tearful relief, even rest.” Significance Andrea discusses what we tend to mean by significance, then describes “a few people in my world who don’t have a platform or a publishing contract, but who I think have real significance.” The Only Thing Protestants can Appreciate About Pope Benedict Jordan Standridge doesn’t hold back here. Chinese Pastors Can Teach You What John Calvin Can’t Hannah Nation wants us to consider that some of the answers to our questions may be waiting for us among Chinese (and other) pastors. “In recent years, American churches have been asking questions very similar to those I hear from Chinese house churches facing persecution. What’s the church’s purpose in society? How do we understand state authority and religious liberty? Where do our ultimate allegiances lie?” Can You Share the Gospel with … Continue reading A La Carte (January 11)