A La Carte (July 19)

I was able to hunt down some interesting Kindle deals today, so be sure to take a peek if you’re into that sort of thing!

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Westminster Books has a good deal on a variety of books.

(Yesterday on the blog: Sharpen Your Axe!)

A Puritan’s Advice on What to Watch on Netflix

You don’t have to agree with the Puritans, but you should at least give them a listen. Surely you at least owe them that!

Enjoying God Is a Command

Sinclair Ferguson: “Scripture shows that well-instructed believers develop a determination to rejoice. They will rejoice in the Lord.” Do you enjoy God?

Since You Asked

John Piper’s “Ask Pastor John” podcast was just played for its 100 millionth time. Here’s the purpose and backstory as well as a list of the most popular episodes.

Is Your Sin Just Playing Possum?

You’ve probably had this experience: “I’ll think I’ve got a sin mortified but it was just playing possum. Once my focus is off that particular sin it’ll rear its ugly head again.”

Understanding Gives Way to Compassion

“It is not always easy to understand the perspective of others. We cannot get inside the body or mind of another to understand her perspective. But we can acknowledge the reality that our situation is not the prototype. As a Christian woman, I have a particular background and life situation, but that is not true for all Christian women. I don’t set the standard.”

Whatever Happened to Evangelism?

There’s lots to chew on here: “We have the gospel! We don’t have the option of saying ‘The gospel isn’t really my pet issue.’ Every other issue will be easier. You dig wells, the world will pat you on the back, you feed the hungry, the world will say ‘good job.’ But if you proclaim Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation from sin and hell, you will face opposition.”

From Abandoned Resolutions to Spirit-Empowered Goals

“We often see the goals we have as mountains we must traverse through sheer will-power and determination, but what if we have it all wrong? What if practically keeping our goals is not like scaling a mountain, which requires large steps and allows us to see immediate progress? What if reaching our goals is a much slower, deliberate process, requiring many small actions over time, like the slow accumulation of the tiny grains of sand that comprise a large sand dune?”

Flashback: Doers and Delegators

Many ministries within the local church fail to thrive or even collapse altogether because the leader of that ministry is an eager doer but reluctant delegator.

If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full. —John Piper