A La Carte (June 19)

I spent a bunch of time this morning scrolling through endless lists of books and found some neat Kindle deals along the way.

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Westminster Books has a great new edition of a great old book you may want to check out.

How to Choose the Right Seminary: 6 Factors to Consider

If you’re thinking about seminary, this article’s guidance may prove useful.

Love Languages in Missions

What interesting reflections from Zambia. “I’ve spent the last 12 years trying my best to love people. That’s our mission statement in a nutshell. And if I really assess our work properly, our best programs and projects are the ones that afford us the opportunity to spend concerted amounts of time with people. When an area of our work puts us in front of the same people day after day, there is a love language being spoken and clearly heard.”

Let Your Waiting Say “I Trust You”

Jani Ortlund: “Patience is not quite the same as waiting. While waiting is something we do, patience is something we offer. We wait because we must — we have little choice in the matter. But patience is our gift to our Father while we wait.”

Eyes Up

This applies directly to writing and writers, but I think others can benefit as well. “The good news of my salvation says that I don’t have to prove myself. God gives me gifts to build up his church. I use my gifts as an offering to him. I write for his pleasure, not for shares and likes. The gospel frees me from the pressure of having to be the best writer because I worship the best and he says I’m good because of Christ.”

In Stores, Secret Bluetooth Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move

It seems like every day brings some new story of ways our privacy is being invaded. “Most people aren’t aware they are being watched with beacons, but the ‘beacosystem’ tracks millions of people every day. Beacons are placed at airports, malls, subways, buses, taxis, sporting arenas, gyms, hotels, hospitals, music festivals, cinemas and museums, and even on billboards.”

Is an Unborn Child a Parasite, Living off Another Person’s Body without Permission?

It’s disturbing that this question actually needs to be answered. But it does. And who better than Randy Alcorn?  “Some abortion advocates argue that even if a ‘fetus’ is actually a person, that doesn’t change the fact that one person does not have the right to use the body of another person against their will (in this case, against the mother’s will). Therefore, she should have the right to ‘evict’ the fetus from her body.”

Our Mud Huts

“If you can possibly conceive of a way to alleviate suffering where suffering is not necessary, I say let’s do it. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, let’s not be insane.” And with that, Andrée Seu Peterson discusses modern dating.

Flashback: Why the Best Missions Sermon Is All About God’s Sovereignty

“A high view of God’s sovereignty fuels death-defying devotion to global missions.”

If the gaze of man awakens fear to us, how much more so the gaze of God. If we feel exposed by people, we will feel devastated before God. —Ed Welch