A La Carte (March 14)

Blessings to you today, my friends. I collected a few interesting Kindle deals for you to look at. (Yesterday on the blog: Living Selflessly with Your Wife) 50 Thoughts on Preaching This is great stuff from Jared Wilson. Names Nobody Remembers “Though the world’s idea of success might see our small days lacking, our good God operates very differently. He has a knack for using people lost in the credit roll. We can see this beautifully in the story of the Israelites in Ezra and Nehemiah.” Locusts and Wild Honey Why did John the Baptist eat locusts and wild honey? You may not be shocked to know there was purpose behind it. One Day It Will Be “Tomorrow” “Christian, are you mindful of the distinction between ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ in your evangelism? Do you have the same sense of urgency in your proclamation of the gospel? Are you guilty of preaching a take-it-or-leave-it gospel?” Your Past Does Not Have To Be Your Future Here’s a wonderful illustration that your past does not need to predict your future. Secondary and Tertiary Issues Are Still Important Lara d’Entremont: “When God led me to my theological stance, he also placed me in a small community where no church holds to this theology—not even closely. My family and I are members at a church that is on the opposite side of the theological spectrum for us. We’ve had to keep ‘the main thing the main thing’ and remember that despite our differences, we each believe the same gospel and … Continue reading A La Carte (March 14)