A La Carte (March 27)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you. Today’s Kindle deals include a selection from Crossway. (Yesterday on the blog: A Corporate Confession of Sin) Does God Read Every Thought? John Piper was asked whether God knows our thoughts. “The short answer is yes, but what’s really important, as I have thought about this, are the implications of that answer, and they are many and really significant.” The Wisdom of Avoiding Strife “Conflict is hard. By ‘conflict,’ I’m referring not to everyday disagreements, but to the sort of disagreements that look like knock-down, drag-em-out fights, that turn people into enemies of one another. The book of Proverbs refers to such situations as ‘strife.’” The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook” Now Available from Lithos Kids A faithful retelling of the story of God’s kingdom from Genesis to Revelation. Fully illustrated Old and New Testament volumes for ages 2 to 11. (Sponsored Link) Could Jesus Come Back Tonight? He sure could! Trusting Visible Giants to Our Invisible God “David was victorious over Goliath because he trusted the invisible God with very real and visible and impending problems. But remember this! It is easy to look at someone else’s successful battle, after the fact, and take for granted the outcome.” Isn’t that the truth! Lyman Beecher’s Prodigal Son: The Story of a Runaway Who Came Home “In a family of pastors, Charles Beecher (1815–1900) was the black sheep.” Obbie Tyler Todd tells about how he ran away from the Lord and how he returned. Sex and Christ Crucified “In … Continue reading A La Carte (March 27)