A La Carte (March 31)

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today, my friends. Today’s the last day for Logos users to save on March Matchups. There are some great deals to be had! As for Kindle deals, volume one of my favorite church history series is marked way down. In Your Wake This one hits hard: “One of my husband’s earliest memories is the day you left your family. Left them to poverty and shame, to insecurity and a weight of bitterness while you transferred the care due them to a new family. You fed your sin silently. Secretly. It crept around the edges of your life, gradually stealing more and more ground from under your second family until you left them too. Left them to despair and struggle while you fed your pleasures.” The Unexpected Beauty of Babel What a fascinating article! “It seems as if, as he so often does, God has chosen to bring beauty through judgment, a greater grace and glory than would have existed had the judgment never taken place. After all, this is the logic of the cross and salvation history. Yes, judgment falls. Yet amazingly God’s grace shines even brighter for it. Should we be surprised that God delights to also do this with the arc of language history?” The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook” Now Available from Lithos Kids A faithful retelling of the story of God’s kingdom from Genesis to Revelation. Fully illustrated Old and New Testament volumes for ages 2 to 11. (Sponsored Link) Chinese Christians … Continue reading A La Carte (March 31)