A La Carte (May 11)

May the Lord bless and keep you on this fine day. This week’s deal from Westminster Books is on a collection of books for kids. There are a few new Kindle deals to look at today. Why Mainstream Scholars often Differ with Evangelical Pastors on the Gospels “Why is it that if you read what Wikipedia says about the date and authorship of the Gospels, it is very different from the way most pastors in evangelical churches and most ordinary Christians talk about the Gospels?” George Sinclair takes a shot at an answer here. Cultivating an Affectionate Marriage “I am no expert on marriage. But I have been married long enough to experience those times when coldness creeps in and distance grows. The simplest lesson that the Lord has taught us is the importance of time spent together. Taking time to stop, look each other in the face, and really talk, has proven crucial.” How to Partner with African Churches Well “How should Western churches partner with churches in Africa?” I found Ken Mbugua’s answers very helpful. Two letters and a cute dog photo … Whether you attend a small group or lead one, these two letters may prove useful to you. And challenging. The curse of being “Decent But Dull” “The biggest curse in leadership – whether that’s private, civil or in church, is to be decent, but dull.” Well, not really, but that seems to be a message we come across quite often. The First Commentator to Plead His Case This is a … Continue reading A La Carte (May 11)