A La Carte (November 2)

The Lord be with you and bless you today. There is once again a very significant list of Kindle deals. We are spoiled. Logos users, you’ll want to look at this long list of commentaries for only $7.99 each. And, of course, you can look at the free and nearly-free books of the month. I’m very thankful for Benjamin Vrbicek’s review of Seasons of Sorrow: “Well Done, Good and Faithful Dad.” And by way of reminder, if you have read and enjoyed the book, it would mean a lot if you’d leave a review or star-rating at Amazon. Satan Hates Him “Some years ago, I wrote about a blind spot in contemporary theology. In our church, we have just enjoyed a series about the Holy Spirit. In preaching this series, my mind has returned to this apparent blind spot. Yes, we know that Satan hates Jesus, marriage, and evangelism. But perhaps we should also consider his hatred for the Holy Spirit.” A Christian audiobook narrator I appreciated this brief tribute to a man whose voice I’ve heard more than just about any other–the voice of David Heath, who read the ESV. There’s a free audiobook to download at the end. Reformed Theology eBook Bundle What is Reformed theology, and how does it affect our lives as Christians? This week, you can request four ebooks by R.C. Sproul for a donation of any amount in support of Ligonier Ministries’ gospel outreach. Together, these ebooks present you with a faith that is centered on God’s grace, based … Continue reading A La Carte (November 2)