A La Carte (November 9)

We are one day into the Live it Well conference here in Manila. I’m thankful to have met so many people who read the blog and/or watch the videos. And as I’ve met them and others, it has been a joy to hear how the Lord is at work through his church in the Philippines.

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(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Books for November)

Where Is the Word of God?

This is important theology: “Everyone has some sort of ultimate norm to which they appeal, even if they are not aware of it. Some people appeal to reason and logic to adjudicate competing truth claims. Others appeal to sense experience. Still others refer to themselves and their own subjective sense of things. Although there is some truth in each of these approaches, Christians have historically rejected all of them as the ultimate standard for knowledge. Instead, God’s people have universally affirmed that there is only one thing that can legitimately function as the supreme standard: God’s Word. ”

Closing the Cultural Gap

I really enjoyed this story of closing the cultural gap.

Reflecting on Love Incarnate

When love is an action, love is based on merit. When love is a benefit, love is based on feeling.”

Naming Rights to the Church

He attended worship often. In time, he offered to give the church a very large donation, with one stipulation: that the church bear his name. It would have been the Simon Louis Reformed Presbyterian Church (not his real name).” Oh boy…

Salvation in the Car Seat 

This is consistent with our experience: “Car rides are fascinating microcosms for conversations that affect and reinforce our (now) shared faith story as a family. We don’t have it if we don’t turn down the volume or disconnect the DVD player in the back seat. Use the sacred space of a car ride to explore and deepen your family story with the people who matter most. Use the car ride to do you assignment: to invest in your children’s eternity.”

To End All Wars

Human beings have colossal value. It is why we fight so vigorously for life, and it is why death appalls us. The First World War revealed to modern man what we are capable of achieving when we are resolute. With the Enlightenment and Nietzsche’s declaration of the ‘death of God’ we did not evolve into better people, rather, we invented ways to more effectively wage war. ”

Bolshevising Queering Science

This is a fascinating one from Rod Dreher. I’ve been hearing other people make very similar observations.

Flashback: God’s Not Really That Holy, I’m Not Really That Bad

How do you know that the gospel has really gotten you, that it has taken hold of you and begun to permanently transform you?

You may as soon fill a bag with wisdom, a chest with virtue, or a circle with a triangle, as the heart of man with anything here below. —Thomas Brooks