A La Carte (October 11)

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Helping Churches to Better Handle Cases of Abuse

“Sadly, I have been witness to a discouraging pattern in local churches as they handle cases involving abuse. It begins as church leaders are made aware of a situation in which a husband is acting abusively towards his wife, and it has been going on for quite some time. The abuse may include any or all of the following: coercion, threats, outbursts of anger, or some degree of physical force. Typically, church leaders get involved late in the situation because the victim is in fear of reporting her abuser, or perhaps thinks she is somehow to blame for his actions.”

Do Christians Have to Care About Everything?

“Why don’t you care? In our age of perpetual outrage, that may be one of the most commonly asked questions. After all, the list of needs and worthy causes are unending. Should we not be expected to voice impassioned concern for every problem and enthusiastic support for every good cause? Even more than that, why would we not be constantly, actively, publicly doing something, doing anything, doing everything to bring all the good goals to pass?”

A Five Minutes Guide to Better Typography

Here is a neat little guide showing how typography matters.

5 Ways To Pray For Persecuted Saints

Mark Altrogge provides some pointers on praying for the persecuted church.

A Sure Sign of Old Age

Carl Trueman: “For my father’s generation, the key sign of advancing years was the fact that the policemen started to look far too young to be entrusted with the task of keeping law and order. For my generation, the advent of old age is signaled by the fact that some of the feared wild feminists of my youth start to make admirable sense even when opining on matters relating to the battle of the sexes.”

Eureka! Discovering Gold in God’s Word

Andy Naselli shares the messages from a recent conference featuring John Piper and others. The topic was God’s Word.

Catching Some Z’s

This article provides lots of helpful information about Generation Z. “Like the baby boomers, Generation X, and millennials before them, Gen Z’s have their own ways of seeing the world—even if it is primarily through that little glowing screen. And, as always, parents and pastors must know their audience.”

Flashback: Sexual Morality in a Christless World

Sexual morality is undergoing nothing less than a revolution. The former morality, based on the Christian scriptures, is being shoved aside by a new one that not only departs from the Bible, but outright rejects it. Meanwhile, Christians who abide by those traditional sexual morals are increasingly seen as outcasts, backward people dangerously hung up on ancient, oppressive principles.

The gospel isn’t advice, instructions, threats, or warnings, its the good news of victory of all God has done through Christ by the Spirit. —Burk Parsons