A La Carte (October 5)

Good morning! May the Lord be with you and bless you today. Marty Machowski has written a new devotional commentary for kids and Westminster Kids has it on sale right out of the gate. Dad, Where Are You Going? Tim writes this one from the heart. “How does a parent handle their child’s fragile heart that believes his Dad is healthy, not sick. Strong, not weak. The family’s provider, not the one in need. I’m weary holding his childlike concern and decide to punt for another day.” The Problem with Trying to Portray the Holy Spirit “A lot of people have had a lot of unhelpful ideas about the Holy Spirit, but for sheer oddness, it is hard to find a stranger case than the portrayal of the third person of the Trinity as a beautiful, young, winged, curly haired boy with a widow’s peak.” Indeed. Learning to Speak Chickadee I so thoroughly enjoyed this article about the humble chickadee (which, it turns out, is quite an extraordinary little creature). Souls are not to be won by music I don’t really know what to say about this one other than that it’s well worth a read. Mary Livingstone, Praiseworthy Missionary Wife and Mother Vance Christie’s recent biography of David Livingstone really changed my understanding of Mary. In this article, Christie tells how “she is worthy of high praise and not a small degree of compassionate empathy.” The Only Solution for our Sin Guy Richard has an article that simply celebrates God for providing the one … Continue reading A La Carte (October 5)