A La Carte (October 6)

Grace and peace to you today. Today’s Kindle deals include a nice little collection of books. (Yesterday on the blog: So You Think You’re Facing Persecution, Do You?) ‘Jesus Has Left the Building’: Scotland’s Secular Slide—and Signs of Hope “If you could stumble across Scotland on social media, she would be the girl you remember from youth group—the one who went to all the Bible studies, the one you expected to head to the mission field. You’d have to blink and rewatch her post before it would sink in—she’s deconstructed her faith, more completely and rapidly than you thought possible.” You can’t do everything & not everything is for everyone “Whenever talk of something a church is doing comes up, it doesn’t take long before all the whataboutery starts. It’s great that we’re providing X, but what about Y? It’s great that X is on at this time, but what about all the people who can’t make that time?” I am glad for this reminder that no one church can do everything or be for everyone. Seeds And Sunflowers “Imagine being the person that had never seen a sunflower, and trying to get your head around the idea that the little grey nothing in your hand could transform so completely into something so impressive and colourful. If all you knew was the seed, how could you ever guess the flower?” Four Questions about the Love of God to Ask Jehovah’s Witnesses If you can find a way to remember these questions, they could prove a … Continue reading A La Carte (October 6)