A La Carte (September 16)

I’ve just been told that Christianbook.com is discounting Seasons of Sorrow to $14.99 for the next few days. That’s a great price for those who have been waiting for a discount. Over at Westminster Books you’ll find a sale on favorite titles by P&R Publications. There’s lots to choose from at between 40% and 45% off. Technological Fundamentalism: Faith In The Digital Age “None of us can imagine a world without smartphones, streaming services, and social media. Even though this digital trinity is less than 20 years old we all believe our lives are more ‘meaningful, bright, lively, centralised, and fast,’ because of it. And, as [Wendell] Berry says: ‘thanks only to more purchasable products,’ the future, ‘is going to be even better.’” Missionary Job Description: Feel Awkward I enjoyed this reflection on awkwardness and the missionary life. “Shortly before we launched as missionaries to India, I was gifted a book. The title was something like Home at Last. This book disturbed me.” Ask TGC: Do Parents Have Rights That Protect Against Transgender Ideology? Joe Carter answers an important (US-centric) question on parental rights. Parenting Adult Children Here are a few lessons on parenting adult children. Pastors Teach “We want the kind of man who will hardly stop teaching, even if you put a gun to his head. As he learns, he wants to teach. As he studies, he thinks about teaching. He breathes teaching. We might say he’s a teacher at heart. He loves to teach, with all the planning and discipline and patience … Continue reading A La Carte (September 16)