A La Carte (September 20)

Good morning my friends. Grace and peace to you. The train is leaving the station “It’s not like we have not seen this coming,” says Al Mohler about Andy Stanley’s continued departure from biblical Christianity. The latest example is concerning, but also in-line with the ones before it. Making the most of things: time and trajectory “Given the passage of our lives and the era in which we live, how can we make the most of things? This is a question which young people might dabble in at certain crisis points of career or during key rites of passage, but it can be a dominating theme for those in mid-life and beyond.” New Bible Storybook for Little Kids “A unique storybook Bible: faithful to the biblical text, beautifully illustrated, and teaching young children the big picture of how God’s promises are fulfilled in Jesus.” Alistair Begg (Sponsored Link) Marriage is a Steel Trap “Marriage is a steel trap,” says Darryl. And that’s exactly what makes it so amazing. Don’t Just Be an Expert in What Things Don’t Mean This is important: don’t just be an expert in what things don’t mean. When Genuine Obedience Becomes Impossible, Hell Becomes Impossible as Well Kevin DeYoung: “There’s a really important but simple distinction we need to make in thinking about our good works or our obedience. And that is that our good works can be truly good even though they’re not perfectly good. They’re never without some imperfections. They’re always tinged with some kind of selfishness.” The Myth … Continue reading A La Carte (September 20)