Weekend A La Carte (11/3)

You Can’t Judge His Salvation! – C. Michael Patton looks at whether we can legitimately state that a person is unsaved. “I am not the judge of whether someone is a Christian or not. I am not the judge of whether someone has true faith or not. But why does this mean that I can’t make informed judgments about a person’s status?”

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Special Team – This is a great article from ESPN. “How about a little good news? In the scrub-brush desert town of Queen Creek, Ariz., high school bullies were throwing trash at sophomore Chy Johnson. Calling her ‘stupid.’ Pushing her in the halls. Chy’s brain works at only a third-grade level because of a genetic birth defect, but she knew enough to feel hate.”

Joel Beeke on Voting – I share this article from Joel Beeke because he is so careful and deliberate in how he expresses his viewpoint (and not because I would necessarily advocate what he says). Beeke explains why his conscience won’t let him not vote for Mitt Romney.

A Multitude of Counselors – Speaking of politics, Mike Riccardi has put together a compilation of all kinds of posts about how to vote, why to vote, and so on. I think we’re all just waiting for this election to be over and out of the news, aren’t we?

Work Less To Do More – Can we learn from the computer game industry? David Murray thinks so and shares a very short article on how working more doesn’t necessarily produce more.

Photomicography – Every year Nikon sponsors a competition to honor the most remarkable microscopic photograph of the year. The winners are runners up are amazing and are worth looking at to see that God didn’t just design the world to be beautiful and awe-inspiring on a macro level–the micro level is equally impressive.

The devil would have Christ prove Himself to be God, by turning stones into bread; but the Holy Ghost shows His Godhead by turning stones into flesh. –Thomas Watson