Weekend A La Carte (12/29)

When the Perfect Comes – “Another year is passing away. Thank God. Not only for the massive amounts of unquantifiable grace we have received from him, but also because we are one year closer to the passing away of this partial age and all of its incumbent sorrow and weariness.”

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2013 Book AwardsChristianity Today has announced the winners of their 2013 Book Awards.

10-Point Inventory – “The following 10 point inventory is meant for personal use not for judging others. It could be used to help others examine their own hearts but I offer this word of caution because lists and tests are too often used legalistically in ways that promote sinful pride.” Cautions aside, it’s a helpful list.

Notable Anniversaries in 2013 – Here are some encouragements and challenges from the past–anniversaries we will mark this year.

Does Anyone Care About Hobby Lobby? – Denny Burk is “astonished that more Americans aren’t in an uproar about what is happening to Hobby Lobby right now.” 

The Magnificent Tyranny of the Gospel – David Murray is sharing a series of videos based on his book How Sermons Work.

Popularity has slain more prophets of God than persecution ever did. –Vance Havner