Weekend A La Carte (1/29)

I put out a call on Twitter for talented Christian graphic artists/designers today. If that’s you, give my Twitter a quick look. Artists or photographers may also be interested in contacting me…

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CT 2011 Book Awards – Christianity Today has shared their annual book award winners. I don’t see any huge surprises on the list…

Why No One Reads Privacy Policies – You know those privacy policies you always agree to when you visit web sites? You never read them and neither do I. This infographic explains why.

Friendly Fire – Erik: “I don’t have the time to follow the blow by blow of what is going on all over contemporary Evangelicalism. I try to stay informed though. I do. However, now it is not only my time that is lacking but also my stomach.”

Birth Year Inflation – This is an interesting little diversion that will cost you a few minutes. It shows how much inflation has effected prices since your birth year.

The Theology of Adoption – Fred Sanders reviews Reclaiming Adoption: “This is a short (just over 100 pages), readable, popular-level introduction to the theology of adoption, and it is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the practical, the spiritual, and the doctrinal. It’s published by the innovative little publisher Cruciform Press, and I expect its sales will be driven by word of mouth through the orphan care network, and by the fact that it’s got a big ol’ classic John Piper chapter in it (Chapter 8: Adoption, The Heart of the Gospel).”

Apple Moves In On Your Wallet – This will be very interesting if true. This kind of payment system is far overdue.

Chris Medina – I haven’t watched American Idol for many years now. But I guess stories like this are part of what makes it so popular.

And finally, something to think about as you head to a worship service tomorrow:

In public worship all should join. The little strings go to make up a concert, as well as the great. –Thomas Goodwin