Weekend A La Carte (2/23)


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A Letter from Prison – Saeed’s Abedini is a pastor who has been imprisoned within Iran. Here is a letter he recently wrote to his wife from behind prison bars.

Tebow’s Big Fumble – Dr. Mohler: “For Tim Tebow, speaking at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, had to look like a great opportunity. He grew up attending a large Southern Baptist church, and an invitation to speak at one of the most venerable and historic Baptist churches in the world had to look like an easy call. He was going.”

The Word-less “Church” – Robert Godfrey writes about churches that have become (or are becoming) Word-less and warns “Churches that depart from the Word will soon find that God has departed from them.”

Why the Afterlife Bores Us – Russell Moore is on to something here. “Imagine a couple referring to their marriage as their ‘after-love.’ They explain to you that years ago they met, fell in love, and married. The years since are their ‘after-love’ years, since they follow their falling in love with each other.”

An Amish Trade Show – This is fascinating and lends itself so easily to personal application. “The Amish have chosen to forgo many of the delights of the modern world, but they still need to drill, sand and cut wood. This trade expo shows off all the loopholes that let the Amish get their hands on power tools.”


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