Weekend A La Carte (3/5)

My boy turns 11 today. Double 11 and you end up at 22. I was 22 years old when we found out that Aileen was pregnant with that boy. I feel old.

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Too Missional for Abortion – Anthony Bradley writes about abortion in NYC. “The number one social justice issue for African-Americans in New York City is abortion. Period. The city’s abortion rate is twice the nation average, with 41 percent of all pregnancies ending in abortion. According to recent data, the rate for blacks is even higher: 59.8 percent. For Hispanics it’s 41.3 percent, Asians 22.7 percent, and whites 20.4 percent. In 2009, unmarried women accounted for 84 percent of the abortions in the city.”

Pirate Ship Bedroom – This is pretty much every boy’s dream bedroom. (HT:@Phil_Johnson_)

Church Streaming License – CCLI (those copyright people) have just released a new license that allows churches to legally stream their worship music over the Internet.

Abstinence Rising – “The National Survey on Family Growth released a report yesterday on sexual behavior, sexual attraction, and sexual identity in the U.S. Of all the trends profiled in this report, one has captured the attention of most media: abstinence is on the rise among young adults.”

MC DAC – Denny Burk: “It’s my own jubilant tribute to some lyrical madness that Dr. D. A. Carson laid down on a track for Curtis ‘Voice’ Allen.” You’ve got to listen to the very end for the punchline.

Baseball Flow Chart – Here is a flow chart that will help you know which baseball team you should be cheering for.

Sound Guy – I used to be a sound guy (many years ago). I never had it quite this bad.