Weekend A La Carte (8/18)

Pat Robertson – “In a recent broadcast of The 700 Club, a woman sent in a question about a man who wouldn’t marry her because she has children who were adopted internationally. If they were her ‘own’ biological children, he would have no problem, she said. But because they were adopted, he saw too much risk. Host Pat Robertson’s female co-host bristled and said he was acting like a ‘dog.’ Robertson disagreed.”

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The Psychology of Social Networking – “Neal Postman warned that we were Amusing Ourselves to Death. Maybe today the fear is that we publicize ourselves to death. That’s the concern represented on this infographic.”

The David Barton Controversy – Marvin Olasky provides an update on the David Barton controversy.

The Second Coming Christ – Here’s a long form article from CT. “David Jang has become an increasingly influential figure in Asian and now American evangelicalism. He and his followers have founded media outlets and a Christian college and are key influencers in the World Evangelical Alliance. But…”

The Rise of License Plate Readers – “Tiburon, a small but wealthy town just northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge, has an unusual distinction: it was one of the first towns in the country to mount automated license plate readers (LPRs) at its city borders.” It won’t be the last.

Dangerous Swimming – Is it dangerous to swim after eating?

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing. –C.S. Lewis