Weekend A La Carte (9/15)

Questions the TDSB Is Not Answering – As his church deals with having to leave the public school they rent, Julian is asking questions that the school board is not answering.

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Calvary Love – Here’s an artistic take on John Piper’s most recent poem which is titled “Calvary Love.”

Read the Text – Paul offers some really helpful counsel on a preacher’s relationship to his Bible.

A Map of Muslim Protests – “If you can’t keep track of all the Muslim protests erupting across the globe, you’re not alone. The uproar over a 14-minute anti-Islam YouTube video has sparked furious protests from Somalia to Egypt to Sudan to Tunisia to Libya to Bangladesh to Indonesia to Pakistan. With new reports of protests surfacing every minute, we’ve compiled the latest reported incidents into this handy interactive Google Map.”

Is Election Unfair? – You won’t be surprised to know that R.C. Sproul holds that the doctrine of election is not at all unfair.

The Mystery of the Lord’s Supper – This book, recently commended by both Keith Mathison and Carl Trueman, has just been released in ebook format

The Birds of Spain – This photographer drove over 1,000 kilometers to get just the rights shots of the birds of Spain.

To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. –C.S. Lewis