Weekend A La Carte (March 25)

I’m thankful to Radius International for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you about their Upcoming Conference featuring John MacArthur, Costi Hinn, and many others. Today’s Kindle deals include some newer and older books. Also, basically everything Tolkien is on sale today. See here. (Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Christian Books for March 2023) I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Official Lyric Video) The Gettys have released a new hymn for Easter. You’ll want to give it a listen, I’m sure! Why the Year After Her Cancer Diagnosis Was the Best Year of Nanci’s Life Randy Alcorn: “Next Tuesday, March 28, marks a year since my wife Nanci relocated to Heaven. She finished so well—she flourished and leaned into the finish line. Her family and friends all saw God’s work in her, and I had the front row seat to watch 2 Corinthians 4:17 be lived out in her life.” Yes, a Loved One Is Watching from Heaven And on a similar theme: “The intention behind these ideas is a kind one. But may I gently suggest such statements try to make tangible something that’s intangible? And when we do this, our eyes can easily become stuck on what’s in front of us, causing us to miss the opportunity to look beyond to the One who provides the greatest comfort we could ever need or want.” What’s Beneath It All? Sylvia Schroeder has a meaningful article here. “Things were bad, dire in fact. A line which separated life and death grew so … Continue reading Weekend A La Carte (March 25)