Getting Older Involves a Lot of Dying

I am finding that getting older involves a lot of dying. And while I’m not that old yet, I expect that as more time passes, it will also come with a lot more death. Obviously physical mortality will be my final end, just as it has been for everyone else, but I’m seeing there is lots more I’ll need to die to before that. Dying to dreams. I have always been something of a dreamer. I like to look forward in time and to picture a great or noble end that is worthy of the pursuit. I have followed many of my dreams through the years and have found enjoyment and fulfillment in doing so. But as time goes by, I’m realizing that many of these dreams will never be anything more than that. Perhaps they were never realistic to begin with, or perhaps it’s just that energy will fail and time will expire long before I get to them. In either case, I’m already dying to many of those dreams. I’ll inevitably go to the grave with so many of them unfulfilled. Dying to abilities. To be perfectly frank, I’ve often thought I am more able than I really am. There was a time when I thought I had greater talent and more gifting than is the case. I might even have dared to think I was exceptional. But as time passes, as the years creep by, I’m learning that, like most others, I’m a man of average ability. While I do have some … Continue reading Getting Older Involves a Lot of Dying