How Long Has It Been Like This?

It is an experience I have had and, in all likelihood, one you have had as well. I have gone to the doctor to tell him about some pain, some illness, some ailment, and he has asked, “How long has it been like this?” Sheepishly I’ve had to admit, “It has been months” or “It’s been like that for a year.” And, like a dad who is disappointed in his child, he has had to tell me, “You know, if you had come in a long time ago, this would have been much easier to treat.” Sometimes he has even had to say, “At this point, there is really nothing I can do. But if you had come to me a year ago…” Similarly, I once learned a hard lesson not too long after I bought my first vehicle. The brakes began to squeal which told me they needed to be serviced. But I was busy and foolish and kept procrastinating a visit to the mechanic. When I finally did take my truck in, both the pads and rotors were in dire condition and needed to be completely replaced. That was an expensive lesson for a young man. Doctors, mechanics, and so many others—all are familiar with the frustration of having people approach them only long after a problem begins. All are familiar with having to ask, “Why didn’t you bring this to my attention years ago? I could have helped you then. And the recovery or repair would have been so much easier. I … Continue reading How Long Has It Been Like This?