Joyfully Lifting Malformed Hands in Worship

There are many reasons I love being a Christian, but right up there is being able to learn from others how to think in mature, biblical ways. Recently my friends Ewan and Rachel welcomed a new baby boy into their family, and immediately experienced a shock as they realized he had a significant physical malformation. They soon sent a letter to their church (Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills) to introduce their son and tell about his condition. I received their permission to post it here and do so in order to provide a model of truly, distinctly, inspiringly Christian thinking. What follows is from Ewan and Rachel Goligher. I hope it blesses you as it blessed me. Dear brothers and sisters, Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes and congratulations following our son Ewan’s birth last week. It’s been a joyful and happy time and we are grateful to share this joy with our wonderful church community. Last Thursday morning shortly after Ewan was born, the nurse called me over to see him. She pointed to his tiny left hand and foot; I was stunned to see that they had not developed properly. Much of his left hand was missing and his little thumb was oversized and partially fused to a single adjacent finger. Similarly, some of his left foot was missing, he had a single large toe and his ankle appeared twisted and bent inward. These congenital anomalies, as they are called, had developed during the pregnancy but were not seen on ultrasound. … Continue reading Joyfully Lifting Malformed Hands in Worship