Shedding Tears Over Sorrows That May Never Come

We prayed as a family before Nick and Abby left for their fall semester, then snapped a photo of the two of them standing together outside our home—our two college students. It was August 1, 2020, and they were headed to Louisville, Kentucky, Nick for his junior year and Abby for her freshman. I made the journey with them since CDC regulations at the time mandated foreigners quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. We stayed isolated together in a borrowed basement apartment until the 14 days were up, then drove to campus and unloaded a tower of suitcases and boxes. I hugged Nick, told him I loved him, and watched as he walked away hand-in-hand with the woman who, just weeks later, would accept a ring from his outstretched hand. And that was the last time I ever saw him. It was the last time I ever will see him on this side of heaven. Abby returned home after the on-campus memorial service, and has been with us ever since, waiting out the long winter break between semesters. But now school is opening again, classes are beginning, and we have had to bid her farewell. It’s a good thing, we know, but it’s also a very hard thing. It doesn’t help that pandemic regulations are tightening, that America’s new administration has added mandatory testing before anyone can enter the country and that they’ve promised to soon revive and strengthen the quarantine regulations. It doesn’t help that Canada’s Prime Minister, while admitting that he has no … Continue reading Shedding Tears Over Sorrows That May Never Come