“The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment” Blog Tour (Day 1)

As I mentioned recently, this week and the next will see me participating in a “blog tour” in support of my new book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment. The owner of another blog will pose a question about discernment and my answer will be posted on his or her blog on an appointed day. I will follow the comments made on the blog, addressing them as they arise. It will be, I hope, a chance to facilitate a productive and God-glorifying conversation about the issue of discernment through a series of exchanges with others. It allows me to attempt to address questions other people may have about discernment and potentially to address questions that are of particular importance to readers of other blogs.

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The first day of this blog tour takes me to Joe Carter’s Evangelical Outpost. Joe’s blog is one of the first ones I ever read and has been a daily stop for years. I’m thrilled, then, that he was willing and eager to participate. He asks What does discernment mean from a biblical perspective?

Read my answer here.

Here is how the tour will shape up over the next two weeks.

January 7 Evangelical Outpost
January 8 Tall Skinny Kiwi
January 9 A-Team
January 10 Sharper Iron
January 11 Gender Blog
January 14 Jollyblogger
January 15 Between Two Worlds
January 16 TeamPyro
January 17 Michael Spencer
January 18 Church Matters