What the Father Gives, We Must Receive

At different times in their lives, the children of a particular family were summoned to their father’s office. He called them in and sat them down and told them that he was going to give them something precious. What he gave them might be different from what he had given their siblings, but it would be no less valuable to him, no less cherished. He would give them something and ask them to care for it, to treasure it, and to faithfully steward it. He explained that he would give them something specially suited to each of them as individuals, for as their father he knew them well—he knew their abilities, he knew their capacities, he knew their every strength and weakness, their every love and hate, their every dream and desire. And so on the appointed day, each of them emerged from their father’s office with a new possession. One emerged with the title to a large piece of land, another with the deed to a large building, another with the position as head of one of the father’s businesses. Each emerged with a unique possession but with the same instruction: Make something of this. Make something of this on behalf of the father who loves you and for the good of our family. The children took what they had been given and, to their surprise, found that they were sometimes attended with great difficulties. The one who received land found that, though it was fertile, it was unbroken and needed extensive care before … Continue reading What the Father Gives, We Must Receive