A La Carte

Wednesday September 28, 2005 Politics: Michaelle Jean became Canada’s Governor-General yesterday. Many decry this as a purely politically-correct move by the Prime Minister, as Jean is a black, female Hatian immigrant – a bit of a strange choice to be representative of Canadians. Wishlist: Here is a gift for the hiker or camper in your life. The Outdoor Bible (NASB) is a tear-resistant, waterproof Bible. It is quite a neat little innovation! Du Jour: Dan Edelen wraps up his controversial …

A La Carte

Tuesday September 27, 2005 Music: – While contemplating a week in Biloxi ministering amongst Hurricane Katrina damage, Eric Schumacher pens a new hymn, The Fury of the Wind, The Raging of the Sea. Reviews: There seems to be some controversy over God is the Gospel, John Piper’s newest book. Check Diet of Bookworms for reviews both good and bad. Blogspotting: Phil Johnson discusses Brian McLaren and mentions an article I wrote long ago. Community Blog: Ron Gleason begins a new …

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A La Carte

Monday September 26, 2005 Blogspotting: Centuri0n declares me persona non grata and banishes me from his blogroll (for the time-being, at least). Blogspotting Bonus: The Crusty Curmudgeon expresses agreement on The Servetus Problem. Tools: LibraryThing – a great (and fast, and cost-effective) way of cataloging your books. Sports: Is there a better running back in football right now than LaDanian Tomlinson?

Gas Prices

This is getting painful. My car has a 90 litre tank. Gas is currently at approximately $1.40/litre. Incidentally, when converted to American currency, that amounts to around $4.50/gallon. To fill my car at this rate would cost me about $126. Needless to say, I’m not planning on driving too far anytime soon!

Church Discipline

How Not To Do It. “Three leaders at a Korean church in Sydney’s north have been jailed over the bashing of a female church member who did not attend regular services. “Junior assistant pastor Chi Yeong Yun, 37, and bible study teachers Tom Chae-Yong Lee, 22, and James Kang, 21, from the Open Door Korean Church at Chatswood, pleaded guilty to assaulting 19-year-old Angela Kim in July last year. “In the NSW District Court today, acting Judge Joe Gibson gave …