Evangelical Blog Awards

After a rather short voting period, the 2005 EU Evangelical Blog award winners have been announced. And here are the winners:

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Best Evangelical Teen Blog
To Be Least

Best Evangelical Group Blog
Dead Yet Living

Best Evangelical Youth Pastor Blog
Stu’s Rants

Best Evangelical Missionary Blog
Under The Acacias

Best Evangelical Blog-Humor
Rantings of a Lord of the Rings Fanatic

Best New Evangelical Blog
Amy’s Humble Musings

Best Evangelical Blog-Pastor
Mark D. Roberts

Best Evangelical Blog-Apologetics
Weapons of Warfare

Best Domestic Evangelical Blog (U.S.)
From The Morning

Best International Evangelical Blog
Tim Challies

Best Evangelical Blog-Ministry
21st Century Reformation

Best Evangelical Blog-Politics
La Shawn Barber

Best Designed Evangelical Blog
Tim Challies

Best Overall Evangelical Blog
Alpha and Omega Ministries, The Christian Apologetics Ministry of James R. White

People’s Choice Award (highest vote total overall, including nominations)
Alpha and Omega Ministries, The Christian Apologetics Ministry of James R. White

It is kind of funny that after challenging James White (tongue-in-cheek, of course) about who has the best Apologetics Blog, neither of us were either nominated. Of course then I have to wonder how a site can be passed over for a nomination in its own category, but win the overall, but I digress. I’m sure James will console himself with the Best Overall and People’s Choice awards. Meanwhile, I took the awards for Best International Blog and Best Designed Blog. So thanks to those who voted for my site, and thanks to Eric at Evangelical Underground for putting together these awards and dealing with all the criticism that comes along with such a project. And finally, congratulations to all the other award winners. I hope and trust that projects like this one will serve to benefit the blogging community.

There has been some discussion about the awards at EU and here is a favorite: “…why AOMIN got the nod for best OVERALL makes me suspect undue bias. The awards become an outright farce (like say, the Oscars) when the winner for the “overall category” and “people’s choice” is a bloviating crazed calvinist who has made a career out of antagonizing and defaming his critics. The site barely qualifies as being a blog to begin with, since it’s not being driven by a classic blogging script, and has a poorly designed and cluttered format. Considering the other picks were overall excellent choices, this is one hell of an aberration if you ask me.” Bloviating crazed Calvinist. What a great word! That is one I am going to have to use more often! Here’s another good post: “Do you think you stacked the best designed category enough for Tim? I mean the other sites were just sad (speaking only from design). I sent you a site (as did at least one other person) that gives Tim a run for his money from a design perspective and you didn’t even post it. This isn’t a hate filled post like you’ve said of your e-mail just pointing out the obvious.” I won’t let him rain on my parade!