Interviewing Derek Webb

Derek WebbI have been given the opportunity to interview Derek Webb, something I consider quite an honor. Derek is a singer and songwriter whom I much admire both for his talent and for his courage in taking on the difficult subjects. Never one to shy from a fight, he has written songs that have rattled many nerves and even caused his albums to be removed from certain Christian bookstores. His songs are always filled with meaningful content and constant references to Scripture.

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I happen to know that many of my readers also appreciate Derek’s work. I thought it might be interesting if I ask the community of readers (that means you!) for suggestions as to what I might ask him in this interview. I would like to discuss his upcoming album (Mockingbird, set to release on December 26) and his past albums, but thought it would be fun to concentrate a little bit more on matters of theology and Christian current events. I have little doubt there will soon be many reviews and interviews focusing on the merits of his album but since I am no musician I’d just as soon focus on his beliefs. I am sure he will be able to give interesting, challenging, biblical answers.

So this is your chance to ask a question of Derek Webb. Feel free to submit questions in the comments for this post. I’ll select some of them for the interview.