Light Blogging

I’d like to apologize for the lighter-than-usual blogging over the past few days. I am hard at work on a new site which I hope to unveil on Monday or Tuesday. I am exceedingly excited about this site, which I believe will be a great resource for Christians. The few people I have allowed into the big secret have generally become similarly excited, so I suppose I must be on the right track with it. It has been an incredible amount of work, but thankfully my wife has pitched in and has shared the burden. It has been a long time since we worked side-by-side like this (we painted together to put ourselves through college) but we work well together.

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What is all the excitement about?

You’ll just have to wait until next week. And while we’re on the subject on next week, a new contest will kick-off on Monday, once again featuring an autographed book. This time around it will be accompanied by a DVD, so be sure to check back for that.

Until then, have a blessed and relaxing weekend!