More New Sites

After posting last week about some new site designs, I had several people email and request information about having a redesign done by yours truly. I worked on a couple of designs last week and over the weekend before finishing them off this morning.

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First up, we have someone many of you many be familiar with. PenguinBoy has moved from his old digs into a new domain ( and has a new design as well. I am really quite pleased with the way this site turned out. There are a couple of tweaks I may want to make in the future, but on the whole I like it (which is quite unusual for me – I am my own harshest critic). I especially like the penguin sitting up at the top against the backdrop of the banner, and actually really like the whole banner. I’m also fond of the penguin foot favicon. If I had to do this site all over again, I might use a bit more color, but I know PenguinDude likes to post lots of pictures both in his articles and in his sidebars, so I thought I would let those provide the color.

The second site is the new blogging home of Bill Streger who previously resided at BlogSpot and who also contributes to the community blog right here at Challies Dot Com. His new site is I am thrilled with the way this site looks and there probably isn’t much I would change if I had to do it again. As with the previous site, I think his favicon is pretty neat (much accolade about a 16 x 16 pixel graphic most people never notice). The only problem I had was in importing his previous entries from BlogSpot as the import just plain didn’t want to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that shortly.

That is it for now, but I have two more blog designs underway, so I should have a new update sometime in the next week or two.

And as before, I’ll let you know that I am accepting new work and that my rates for blog design are ridiculously low. And yes, you may take that as a broad hint!