Hello all!

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Tim left for the men’s conference yesterday, not very happily I might add. He really didn’t want to go. I’m half convinced it was because he didn’t want to miss blogging, despite his protest that he liked spending time with the family and didn’t want to go away for a whole weekend! It’s good for him to go away and bond with the guys. I told him I would post on his site for him and add a little message of my own.

I sat last night trying to figure out what I would say today. I actually wanted to talk about Tim. It was weird last night. We really haven’t spent that much time apart since we’ve been married, about seven nights total in six years. Last night was the first night I’ve been home with out him overnight. It actually helped me realize how much he helps me out with the kids! It was a busy night! Most of you know Tim only through what he writes each day on this site. Through that however you probably have noticed how much he loves his kids. He is a wonderful father. His children adore him. Nicky was busy trying to figure out how we could go pick him up so Tim could tuck him in, and was most upset to learn that he had yet another night with no Daddy to get through.

When Tim first started blogging a year ago I didn’t take much notice, I thought it was a little strange, but didn’t pay much attention. It wasn’t really until the whole Passion saga that I really started paying attention to what was happening. I must admit it freaked me out a little that there was so many people reading what Tim wrote. However, it was also around this time that I began noticing a subtle change in Tim. Blogging every day was forcing him to dig deeper into scripture, to examine more closely what he believed and why he believed it. In short what God calls all of us to do, and, as we all know, when we do what God calls us to do we see tremendous growth. This is exactly what I began to see in Tim. My husband has grown more than I would have never imagined in the past year. He strives each day to become more like the man God wants him to be. He is a wonderful husband. Your comments and encouragements have helped him to stretch and grow more than you ever will know. I think God is preparing Tim for something. I’m not exactly sure what. It scares me a little, I don’t do to well with change! I truly thank each of you for reading everyday, and thank-you for your comments especially the hard questions that help us all to think.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.