Friday Frivolity

Just about everyone who reads web sites does so at work. It’s a strange and shameful fact, isn’t it? In fact, you are probably sitting at work right now as you read this. Shame on you. My experience with working the Friday afternoon before Christmas tells me that you’re probably not doing much today anyways. This is the day where most people have already taken the day off and the office is half empty to begin with. Throughout the day more and more people drift away. If you look around you’ll probably see that you’re one of the last people left. What you need to sustain you through the rest of the day is some frivolity.

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The Notes to Netflix Pool It seems that when people return movies to Netflix they often feel the need to attach a sticky note with some type of message to the good folks at Netflix. This site documents some of the funnier and more bizarre examples of this phenomenon. This is a personal favorite. As of the time I wrote this I had checked to ensure that none of the notes were off-color. However, with more being added routinely I can’t vouch long-term.

Complaint-Letter Generator If you are working today and feel you deserve the rest of the day off, why not use Scott’s handy complaint-letter generator. It will help you form a letter of complaint against a company or an individual. Here is a complaint I generated against Phil Johnson:

The nature and extent of our current national crisis, as well as its causes and cures, are the subject of intense political struggle. I offer this letter as a contribution to that struggle and debate in hopes of helping to force Mr. Phil Johnson into early retirement. What follows is a series of remarks addressed to the readers of this letter and to Phil himself. I would like to go on, but I do have to keep this letter short. So I’ll wrap it up by saying that Mr. Phil Johnson contributes nothing to society.

Take that!

2005 – The Year in Pictures MSNBC has two incredible galleries of photographs that will take you back through 2005. While the first (Editor’s Choice) is a little bit graphic (as it features photographs from Iraq and other areas of extreme violence) there are several shots that are just stunning. You can view the galleries here.

And Finally… I am having a grand time enjoying my vacation. I trust this time, when most of you will also take time away from many of life’s usual responsibilities, will be as great a blessing for you as it already has been for me. It feels good to do just about nothing!