1 Day in Dallas

It has been busy days around here. As you know, I spent last week on the road, speaking in Boston and Los Angeles. Today I am spending just 1 day in Dallas to speak at another of the Psalm 119 conferences. And then it will be a while before I am on the road again. Speaking opportunities seem to come largely in the spring and the fall, which means they are grouped together into a few months of the year. I do enjoy speaking, but I’m always happiest at home.

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While I was away last week, Aileen did a bit of home reno. She got a couple of friends together, tore out the floors in our living room and dining room (they were old parquet floors that were well past their prime) and hauled it all off to the dump. On Monday she and I laid new subfloor. And then yesterday afternoon she just went ahead and laid the new flooring. I was traveling, unfortunately, so really wasn’t any help. I’m rather looking forward to getting home to see what the floors look like. I guess next week I’ll try to help her as we do baseboards and finishing. Good times. It’s good to be married to an omnicapable wife.

I mentioned last week that we got a new puppy—a little Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She’s rather cute and fun and energetic. She’s also pretty much incontinent which tends to temper the fun a little bit. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this? She also chewed right through the power cable on my laptop without electrocuting herself, which is kind of impressive. Either way, I would have thought that one of you would have warned me about these things.

I’m off to the conference to preach on the gospel and spiritual discernment.