Merry Christmas

My family celebrates two very different kinds of Christmas. Some years we head down to the South, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to spend Christmas with my parents, my siblings, and their families. Other years we stay right here at home and keep things smaller and quieter.

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It is one of those stay-at-home years–we are at home and following our usual, treasured Christmas morning rituals: The kids woke up early, but managed to contain themselves until 7. The girls, that is. My son probably could have stayed in bed until noon. At 7 we all headed downstairs so they could dig through their stockings and find all the little gifts and trinkets Aileen collected for them. After stockings we had our standard Christmas breakfast of croissants and bacon-wrapped eggs, and then worked our way through all of those gifts we had gotten one another. It was very nearly perfect. A bit later today we will have a big meal with Aileen’s parents and sister. And that will be our Christmas, just the way we like it.

No matter if or how you mark the day, thank you for reading, and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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